Google Authorship and WordPress

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Google Plus improve your SEO

Google treate Google+ just like any other page on the web. Google Plus content will be efficiently indexed by Google, it will gain page rank and appear in Google’s search results.

Google pluss og SEOGoogle Plus content you publish, stays around and gains page rank, gives page rank and appears in search results over a long period. It appears Google Plus posts can retain ranking indefinitely with some posts over a year old still top of search result pages. Compare this to the 15 minutes of life a standard tweet is estimated to have.

Posts you create, allow you capture SERP real estate as they appear on Google search page results, thus your audience may find your Google Plus content through a standard Google search.

Google+ authorship provides you with a higher visual profile in search results.  By validating your Google Plus profile with sites where you publish, you will enable your image to appear next to the search results and attract greater visual attention on search pages.

Use of Google authorship is tied to content authority. Google will give a higher profile to authoritative content in search results. If an author posts interesting content which is shared and receives plus ones, this will potentially lead to higher authority. There is growing evidence that Google+ authorship improves your authority and search performance.

Google Plus authorship and the Google Plus social layer provides a wide range of social signals that may improve the social media optimisation of your content and SEO. This is more complicated as the number of followers, people in your circles or number of Plus Ones. What appears to be far more important is the interaction between you and your content and others of a high authority. (F.eks) If a high authority person shares your content this will improve your own authority.

Social signals from platforms will become more important in determining search results. This is the social media optimisation (SMO) of SEO. Social signals provide a much better way of filtering out the noise and improving the quality of search results. This is a trend that will continue because it is a much better way of understanding what people really want, which is one of Google’s founding principles.”

The featured link in a Google Plus post will pass page rank to the page to which it links. Note there is a no follow for links included in the body of a Google Plus post, you must use the featured link. If you connect a Google Plus page to your website this will increase the relevancy of your website content and support your search ranking. Links from regular websites to Google Plus content can also pass page rank authority in the other direction back to your Google Plus posts and pages.

The use of hashtags (#), in Google Plus connects every post to a search on the platform.

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About Cultivating: (G+)

cultivating-social-media  Cultivate your Authority, +1’s, Circles and Reviews

How can you get your Google+ Page to the top of the results. There are some a factors you need to consider, but there is no guarantee yhat this will happen. But what you can do is focus on 4 things: cultivating authority, generating +1s, getting people to circle you, and encouraging positive reviews to get posted to your Page. The first three of those four options are things that you can do, the fourth one (reviews) is something that you’ll want to encourage from your customers.

Cultivating authority
Google gives positioning priority to people that have established themselves as an “authority” on a subject, or have prominently mentioned a subject while they are already considered an authority within the system. Basically Google analyzes social signals to evaluate a person (or business) and see how active and engaged they are, and how people have responded to the content that they’ve posted or re-shared.

How do you Do It.

  • Create lots of quality content
  • Increase the number of re-shares and +1’s of your Google+ content.
  • Increase the number of people that have you in their circles.
  • Increase the number of mentions of your Profile/Page in Google+.
  • Increase external activity, measured through the amount of +1’s of your site’s content
  • Link up your profiles to take advantage of AuthorRank

Prepare a +1s on your site
Google Webmaster provides some great information regarding the +1 button and how it affects search results, which can be summed up nicely with this example:

+1 button helps people discover relevant content—a website, a Google search result, or an ad—from the people they already know and trust. The +1 button appears on Google search, on websites, and on ads.

To place a +1 button to pages on your own site lets users recommend your content, knowing that their friends and contacts will see their recommendation when it’s most relevant, in the context of Google search results. In addition, a user’s +1’s appear on the +1 tab of their Google Profile. While +1’s are always public, users can choose to make the +1 tab visible or invisible on their profile. Go here to get your button.

Size does matter, when it comes to the size of your social network. You want to cultivate lots of people in your circles, and the larger your circles, the more reach you’ll have in the search result personalization of your target audience.

Benefits of establishing rel=author code to your site.

The size of your social network in Google+ is a contributing factor, and also how many times your content has been shared. So if you’re using Google+ in conjunction with your blog, by sharing your new posts to your network, getting +1s on that content share, and getting re-shares (measured by Ripples), each of those shares is essentially a high-quality inbound link to your content from yet another Authority source.

How to expand your network?

You need to include the Google+ Badge on your website and blog. This badge includes functionality that enables visitors to quickly and easily add you to a circle without leaving your site, and give you a +1.

You need to start sharing your content, and related content from other sources (cultivation), to your Google+ page, and engaging people. We understand that spending time and resources to engage people is difficult and can be costly, and it is by no means necessary, but if you’re looking to grow your following fast, that’s the best method. You need also to involve in other social networks, like: Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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